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You Can’t Hurry Healing

I awakened with 2 thoughts this am:

1) You can’t hurry healing 

2) Forgiveness isn’t synonymous with trust

Healing, whether physical, emotional or relational, usually takes time. There are miraculous moments when we cry out like the Israelites, “...& He saved them...He sent out word & healed them snatching them from the door of death.” 

Then there are moments when it feels like God went missing. I want this type of healing desperately for a relational area of my life right now, but for some reason, it feels like God is delayed in hearing my prayer & healing feels like it’s taking an eternity.

Relational wounds are a funny thing. You can’t physically see the hurt, but we can feel it deep to the core of our being.

Years ago, I was walking through a season of reconciliation when our pastor said the second phrase above - “Forgiveness doesn’t equal trust.”

I sometimes think that we as Christians mistakenly use the two words synonymously. We know the much that we’ve been forgiven, so we cannot help but to forgive others.

The relational trust, however, is the gray does that repair?

I don’t have many answers to these deep ponderings this morning, & it’s usually in those moments that I simply cling to God’s Word.

Over & over Psalm 107 describes the Israelites’ cry for help with the same phrase:

“Lord help!” they cried in their distress & He saved them from their trouble.”

When things seem impossible, when healing feels like it’s taking an eternity, we can cry out like they did, & trust that 

- the same God who led them to safety will lead us!

- the same God who broke down their prison gates will break down ours!

- the same God who sent His Word to heal them, will heal us!

Father, we come to You this morning & praise You that You can do the seemingly impossible! You turn deserts into pools of water, dry land into springs! You calm the storm to a whisper & still the waves.

Still the waves of our hearts as we wait like a child for your provision & healing. Help us to forgive like You forgive. Remind us that You are the only One who is fully trustworthy. May we walk patiently behind You as You lead us to a place of restored trust & relational healing.💕

EZEKIEL 20:1-49

HEBREWS 9:11-28

PSALM 107:1-43



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